Organizational Updates

Jun 22, 2022

In this rapid-fire session, hear firsthand from several esports event organizers on events for which they are seeking hosts, what direction their organizations are taking in the immediate future and what their vision of in-person events looks like in the years to come. 

Michelle Lupo, Business Development Manager - Northstar Meetings Group
David Geddes, President - U.S. Esports Federation
Kevin Williams, President - World Karting Association
Megan Van Petten, Founder - Esports Trade Association
Hunter DeSander, Founder - ComboCon
Keshia Walker, Founder and Chairwoman - Black Collegiate Gaming Association
James Woollard, Head of Commercial Solutions - BLAST
Danny Martin, Co-Founder/CEO - Esposure
Chris Spikoski, Co-Founder and CEO - Coalition Of Parents In Esports
Tharindra De Silva, Chief Operating Officer - Prospects by Sports Illustrated
Ramsey Jamoul, CEO - Unified Esports Association
Mark Consiglio, Global Director of Sports and Entertainment - Heard Global