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  1. Be sure to be on hand for our closing luncheon, where we will reveal future host cities of the EsportsTravel Summit.

    And after that, settle into our final education session of the Summit. Several years into its experiment with esports, the NBA’s 2K League has evolved into strong brands competing in their home markets as well as nationally. Hear from representatives at several teams about how they’ve approached training, venues, community engagement and more as the league continues to grow in popularity and prestige. 

  2. To understand the esports ecosystem, it may be even more important to look closer at the base than at the top. While professional esports gathers understandable attention, recognizing the important work being done at the grassroots may be even more crucial to your destination’s success in building an esports ecosystem of its own. In this session, hear from event organizers who are making magic happen at the grassroots and come away with new ways to think about your esports community.

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  3. Breakfast
  4. Shuttles from the Opening Celebration will return to the Westin Harbour Castle starting at 8:00 p.m. and will continue on a loop until 9:30 p.m.
  5. Shuttles to the Opening Celebration will load and depart from the Westin Harbour Castle at 6:30 p.m. and will continue on a loop.
  6. Dr. Kris Alexander has built an esports powerhouse at Toronto Metropolitan University and his recent TED Talk on his own experience in esports has reached nearly 1 million views. In this E-Talk, hear straightforward explanations about what makes the complex world of competitive gaming accessible to everyone. Learn what makes esports so exciting in a humorous and approachable way that will have you cheering (and understanding) from the digital sidelines.

  7. In this rapid-fire session, hear firsthand from several esports event organizers on events for which they are seeking hosts, what direction their organizations are taking in the immediate future and what their vision of in-person events looks like in the years to come. 

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  8. Come in early to the EsportsTravel Summit and see firsthand what makes Toronto such a dynamic esports destination. Attendees will be able to tour the headquarters of OverActive Media, which fields professional esports teams in the Call of Duty and Overwatch leagues, as well as the esports program at Toronto Metropolitan University, which includes the Red Bull Gaming Hub esports venue. Come with your questions and see for yourself how professional esports teams train and how the next generation of esports creatives are being empowered. Tours will depart the Westin Harbour Castle at 2 p.m. and will return in time for the Opening Celebration, so book your travel to be with us for this exclusive opportunity!

  9. The marketplace is open only to industry suppliers with marketplace tables and event organizers.
  10. When Raleigh, North Carolina, hosted the LCS Spring Finals in April 2023 at PNC Arena, it was an event that reverberated with fans for years to come. In this session, take a deep dive with the event organizers from Riot Games — as well as the local team in Raleigh that helped make it happen — and discover what it took to secure, organize and execute the League of Legends event. You’ll hear details on location scouting, expectations of the destination, community partnership activations, city branding, post-event measurement metrics, including economic impact, and more. Discover how one of the biggest esports tournaments of the year came to be and what lessons were learned. 


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  12. Mizzen Restaurant at the Westin Harbour Castle
    After your open night in Toronto, continue the networking in an informal setting with your fellow EsportsTravel Summit attendees at the Mizzen Restaurant, conveniently located in the Westin Harbour Castle. Enjoy the musical stylings of DJ Dinesh Ramdial as you mingle and continue the business development into the night!
  13. Open Evening
    Enjoy the restaurants and nightlife of Toronto on our open evening.
  14. The marketplace is open only to industry suppliers with marketplace tables and event organizers.
  15. Networking Break
  16. College sports fans know all about the facilities race on campus, where teams and athletes have the best venues in which to train and compete. That race exists in the collegiate esports space as well, with esports programs wanting to make sure their athletes have comfortable places to practice, compete and hang out. In this session, hear from a leading architect and a university leader that are part of this trend, and learn how these venues can lead to more events in the future.

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  17. Networking Break

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  18. New research into the makeup of the esports fan reveals some important data about what they seek in events, how far they are willing to travel and what they are looking for when they arrive at a tournament or event. Gain valuable access to data and research that will give you important insight into the esports fans of today and in the future.

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  19. Networking Break
  20. Toronto is one of the best examples of a destination that has embraced esports on all levels and in all facets of its community. In this session, hear from representatives from the city government, the tourism community, a professional esports organization and a leading architecture firm about how they have all worked together to build a true esports ecosystem, which includes a dedicated citywide esports strategy and soon will feature one of the premier esports-specific arenas in the world. 

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  21. Networking Break
  22. The marketplace is open only to industry suppliers with marketplace tables and event organizers.
  23. Networking Break
  24. For destinations first getting into esports or those that are fairly far along, knowing what event organizers are looking for can be the key to a successful event — and for repeat business. In this session, hear from experienced event organizers who stage tournaments at a variety of levels, and come with your own questions about what it takes to position your destination in the most attractive light to organizers in the future.

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  25. Kick off the EsportsTravel Summit with a welcome from Jason Gewirtz, the vice president of Northstar’s Sports Division, and dignitaries from Toronto.
  26. Breakfast

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  27. Stop by the Registration Center to obtain your EsportsTravel Summit badge, which you will need for all on-site and off-site functions at the EsportsTravel Summit. 

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  28. Hockey Hall of Fame

    Get ready to begin to begin your experience at the EsportsTravel Summit in this informal setting for attendees to meet and network at our Opening Celebration sponsored by our host sponsors at Destination Toronto. The Hockey Hall of Fame is home to the sport's most prized artifacts, including the Stanley Cup. Get some face time with one of the most recognized trophies in sports as well as some face time with your fellow EsportsTravel Summit attendees. After some opening welcome remarks, you'll also get the chance to explore everything the hall of fame has to offer in telling the story of hockey's rich past.

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  29. Stop by the Registration Center to obtain your EsportsTravel Summit badge, which you will need for all on-site and off-site functions at the EsportsTravel Summit. Please plan to collect your badge before the Opening Celebration. From 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. a drink station will be available, courtesy of TripMate.

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