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Chris Spikoski

Chris Spikoski

Co-Founder and CEO, Coalition Of Parents In Esports

Chris Spikoski is a co-founder and CEO of Coalition Of Parents In Esports, which was established to provide resources to parents and kids to make the most out of gaming and web3 and to advise esports, artists and musicians on best business practices for their NFT and blockchain gaming projects. He is a parent whose son knew from a young age that he wanted to be a YouTuber. Spikoski supported and managed his son’s singular focus from a young age of do-it-yourself content creation to his success as one of the most well-known young stars in esports today. He previously served for over 20 years as a director for group homes for mentally disabled adults in New York. He and his son have been passionate about the inclusiveness of online gaming for people of all abilities. Like other parents on the organization’s board, he found himself helping other young gamers and their parents entering the esports scene so founding COPE seemed like a natural progression to being able to help even more.