Danny Harvith

Danny Harvith

Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development , Nerd Street

Danny Harvith is the senior director of strategic initiatives and business development at Nerd Street. Harvith was part of the founding team at Nerd Street, an esports platform of digital and in-person competitions, live events, facilities and content that creates and distributes some of the best competitive gaming experiences in the world. He has led partnership and revenue growth strategy and sales since Nerd Street's inception. Since launching in 2015, Nerd Street has become the place for esports communities to gather, practice, and compete. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the company has grown to over 150 employees globally. The company now operates nine venues nationwide and produces some of the largest gaming and esports properties in the world, including Riot's Valorant Champions Tour and the Emmy Award Winning show FTW. 

Prior to Nerd Street, Harvith led sales for Jarvus Innovations, a boutique software development firm and startup incubator that first funded Nerd Street. While at Jarvus, he founded the community organization N3rd Street that hosted and supported local communities including the original Nerd Street Gamers group. He also served as head of sales for Ontray, a restaurant technology company acquired by Zuul Kitchens. Prior to Jarvus, he was an analyst for venture capital firm SeventySix Capital.