Ed Tomasi

Ed Tomasi

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Subnation
Ed Tomasi is one of the leading experts in esports, with over 18 years of marketing, business development and operational experience. In 2006, he co-founded ESS (eSports Services), one of the first esports agencies in the United States to provide strategy and event production services to esports leagues, publishers and brands. The success of ESS caught the interest of ESL and the company was acquired by Turtle Entertainment GmbH (ESL) in 2014, after which Tomasi grew ESL’s North American operations. Tomasi is currently the co-founder and managing director of Esports for Subnation, a content and live experience platform that celebrates the culture, gaming and lifestyle of esports. He leads Subnation’s esports advisory services team, which develops and executes strategies for municipal and regional markets looking to build or grow their esports ecosystem, and advises facility owners and property developers on how to accommodate the demands of today’s esports productions.