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Geoff Lachapelle

Geoff Lachapelle

Manager, Red Bull Gaming Hub

With a history of project management, documentary work, college and extracurricular education, esports competition, gaming news coverage, and event management, Geoffrey Lachapelle is all about serious play. Lachapelle earned his master’s degree in media production at Toronto Metropolitan University in 2020 with a focus on the history of video games as a social and educational construct, with an eye toward the origins and pedagogical consequences of societal stigmas around video games in North American communities.

Most recently, he has helped to design, develop, deploy and now manages the Red Bull Gaming Hub at The Creative School, a full competition training center and Game Development Transdisciplinary Hub at TMU. He has worked on non-fiction and documentary projects with CBC, Cineplex, VICE, and The Documentary Channel. Lachapelle teaches on-contract with The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University, and has lectured at Humber College, with a specialty in esports production, video game history and game design theory. 

Lastly, he has led two schools to build internationally recognized esports varsity programs, each of which have performed at the top of their respective games across North America. As part of those programs he has helped to build two different training and competition spaces, one at each school, most notably the Red Bull Gaming Hub at Toronto Metropolitan University, and developed one of the first esports scholarships in Ontario. He is pushing for deeper investment and growth of the esports industry as it continues to surge in popularity via The Conduit research lab at The Creative School, and through his participation in events and conferences across North America and the world.

Lachapelle was formerly a Rank 50 Halo 3 player and a top 20 finisher in Canadian Nationals for Magic: The Gathering during the 2009 - 2010 release block.