Hunter DeSander

Hunter DeSander

Founder, ComboCon

An Army veteran of the GWoT Afghanistan Campaign, Hunter "HDmex" DeSander (@HDmexiqtioner) is the founder and lead organizer for the Michigan-based Video Game, Anime, and Comic Book convention @ComboCon. Since then, DeSander has been the commander of the St. Johns VFW Post 4113 from 2017–2022, and with this position and dedicated work, he has raised thousands of dollars for "veterans in need" through the power of video games and other media. All the while continuing to achieve the main goal of ComboCon which is "bridging the gap between civilian and veteran communities" through the power of video games, anime, and comic books. ComboCon will be returning for the first time in two years, live from Wayside Central, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, September 23–25.