Joseph Peteya

Joseph Peteya

Esports Events Manager, Collegiate Sports Management Group

Joseph Peteya is an alumnus of Caldwell University where he graduated with a degree in business administration, a concentration in sports management, and a minor in psychology. After a two-year stint in financial services with Wells Fargo Bank he went back to his educational roots in sports management and became the assistant director of esports events at Collegiate Sports Management Group. After being with CSMG/ESPORTSU and learning the ins-and-outs of esports for over a year, he received a new title and became the esports events manager. For over a year and a half now of being within the industry, he has learned very quickly that being adaptable, learning to utilize new skills, staying consistent, as well as staying determined have all been his driving forces when it comes to his work ethic in his role in esports.