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Kris Alexander

Dr Kris Alexander

Professor of Video Games, Toronto Metropolitan University

Since the age of 8, Kris Alexander has spent a minimum of two to four hours a day playing video games, and he still does with a full-time job, being a present father and husband, while running a successful business. The professor of video games at Toronto Metropolitan University, he is a two-time globally ranked video game player turned scholar, speaker and game developer. His work focuses on video game design, virtual production and esports broadcasting—the core ingredients of the metaverse.

Alexander’s mission is to show people the power of video games that extends behind and beyond the controller. The video game industry is a $178.73 billion dollar industry, and this is primarily from interactions other than playing. Video games have been used in the coolest places too: hospital training with digital babies that bleed, PTSD recovery using the puzzle game Tetris, and even heightening children's intelligence. For him and others, video games have taught how to manage finances, relationships, work conflicts, stress, and even help with language learning and fitness. 

Alexander received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from TMU. For his Ph.D at Concordia University, he wrote his thesis on video game design in education.