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Scott Valencia

Scott Valencia

CEO, Let’s Go, ReadyUp Inc.

Scott Valencia has over 25 years of executive experience at the forefront of esports operations and game development. During that time, he has produced thousands of esports tournament globally. Valencia is one the of pioneers in the gaming and esports industry and founded CyberArena/Gamefixx, an online/LAN tournament league that was acquired by CompUSA in 2000, which became CompUSA’s national gaming strategy. Valencia joined as vice president world wide operations for The Cyberathlete Professional League in 2004, where he created and executed the CPL World Gaming Tour. It was a groundbreaking event where gaming was broadcasted live on MTV. Subsequently, he was invited by the board of World Series of Video Gaming, which was backed by William Morris Agency, to take on the role of executive vice president. Since 2007 he has been COO of some of esports biggest projects, including News Corp-owned Championship Gaming Series, and S2 Games. He is currently the CEO of Let’s Go, ReadyUp Inc.