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Seth Lloyd

Seth Lloyd

Senior Manager, Esports Production Management, Riot Games

Seth Lloyd began his TV career 20 years ago at the local CBS affiliate in Billings, Montana, cutting national newsfeed video tape to tape. He's spent the last 15 years based out of Los Angeles, with experiences that include supporting a live network show five nights a week from the depths of the Costa Rican jungle, at least half a dozen cooking shows, and one U.S.-based car show that is universally received as not as good as the original UK version...

Lloyd joined Riot Games in 2017 as a broadcast production manager, working on LCS and Riot's All Star Events. He's currently the senior manager, esports production management, leading the broadcast production, esports events and production finance teams for North America esports. He proudly graduated from bronze to silver last year in League of Legends, and is currently searching for every shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.