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Taylor McMillan

Taylor McMillan

Vice President, TMU Varsity Esports Association

As an ambitious and driven aspiring esports professional, Taylor McMillan is a developing talent in esports broadcast production, event and social media management, and community formation. 

Recently elected as the vice president of Toronto Metropolitan University’s varsity esports association, McMillan has been a member of the executive team since December 2020. McMillan was initially hired as the creative director and has managed the team’s social media, graphics and video promotions, as well as general branding and has since been selected to serve as the inaugural diversity, equity, and inclusion officer. 

McMillan has also taken on the role of developing game broadcasts at TMU Esports into a professional standard and is pursuing a degree in arts and contemporary studies, focusing on contemporary cultural studies. To further this learning, McMillan has also volunteered at a variety of major Toronto events, most notably and recently the Toronto Ultra Call of Duty Major VI, which was hosted at Toronto Metropolitan University.