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Titus Walker

Titus Walker

CEO, Ultimate Endgamers League

Titus Walker is the visionary CEO of the Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL), a trailblazing esports organization he founded in 2019, which is swiftly redefining the global gaming landscape. Under his leadership, the UEL has celebrated seven thrilling seasons, captivating over a million viewers each season and distributing over $200,000 in prizes. With a mission to cultivate a vast, inclusive gaming community, the UEL integrates 33 diverse games, catering to a spectrum of gamers, from the casual enthusiast to the competitive professional. The league is distinctively known for its commitment to diversity and its dedication to the 99% of gamers outside the top 1% skill level, promoting both console and PC gaming excellence. As a recognized leader in esports, Walker has forged impactful partnerships with entities like the NBA Draft Party, Philadelphia Eagles, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Looking ahead, Walker aims to expand UEL’s reach and impact, continuously adapting to the evolving esports environment and strengthening its position as a premier, multi-game esports platform.