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The EsportsTravel Summit is the world’s largest gathering of esports tournament and video-game event organizers and the only event focused on the travel side of the esports industry. Presented by  SportsTravel and hosted by  Bloomington Minnesota Travel & Tourism, the 2025 EsportsTravel Summit will be held June 16–18, 2025, in Bloomington, Minnesota. Launched in conjunction with the TEAMS Conference & Expo in 2017, the EsportsTravel Summit was an immediate success because it helped fill an information vacuum that exists for organizers of video-game events and those in the travel and tourism industry who want to understand and profit from the esports phenomenon. The biggest brands in the esports world attend the event and their representatives are featured as presenters. The Summit’s unique mission will continue to be education of stakeholders on the nexus between venues, destinations, event suppliers, the travel industry and esports.


•    Esports tournament organizers
•    Video-game festival and event organizers
•    Esports-industry meeting and convention planners
•    Convention bureau and sports commission representatives
•    Hotel and hotel-chain marketers
•    Event-industry production companies and suppliers


We strive to create an environment of inclusion at the EsportsTravel Summit. We embrace, value and champion our attendees’ diverse backgrounds and the experiences that make them unique. We will continue to expand our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts to ensure that our events embrace diversity and varied points of view.


The highest standards of safety and hygiene will be applied to Northstar Meetings Group events, both in the planning of the event, and its production and management onsite. Please  click here for Northstar’s Enhanced Safety Protocols for Live Events.


How does the EsportsTravel Summit differ from other esports conferences?

While there are other esports business conferences, the EsportsTravel Summit is the only one that focuses entirely on the in-person events side of the industry. The summit attracts key stakeholders that you don’t find at other conferences — the decision-makers at esports organizations who are responsible for the site selection of venues and host cities for in-person esports events. At the summit, you can have one-on-one appointments with these decision-makers. In addition, we provide exclusive education on the key trends affecting in-person esports events and unrivaled networking opportunities to enhance your business development. For esports event organizers, the summit is the one event where you can make important connections with destinations, venues and suppliers that want to help you in the organization of your events.


How does the EsportsTravel Summit work?

At our marketplace, you can meet in pre-arranged appointments with up to 22 event organizers one-on-one to discuss their event needs. If you choose not to participate in our marketplace, you can still gain access to our world-class education and networking opportunities, including off-site tours, an opening party, a happy hour and a late-night lounge where you can have more casual conversations to ask the questions you have about the industry and make new connections.


Why should my market care about esports?

As esports and video-game competitions evolve, they do so with a generation that is growing up to be invested in different game titles and competitions — often with more affinity than traditional sports. Your community likely already has a thriving gaming community that you may not be connected with. And there are gaming communities elsewhere that are willing to travel — and spend money while they’re traveling — to see the best gamers compete at in-person events. Your local universities likely already field an esports team and are likely offering scholarships for those athletes to compete, and your local high schools and middle school are likely developing programs as well.


What is the economic impact of in-person esports events?

Esports events generate room nights, and increasingly so, although many communities are experiencing additional returns on investment not related specifically to room nights. Esports fans have been proven to spend considerable money while in destinations, from concessions at venues to off-site activities. Esports events also provide an opportunity for you to engage with the next generation of sports fans that are already in your community and surrounding communities.


What are esports event organizers looking for?

As the industry evolves and matures, the need for substantive conversations between event organizers, CVBs, sports commissions, venues and suppliers is paramount. Each side can help the other. Esports event organizers are looking for partners who can help enhance their events, work with them to secure venues and hotel room blocks, and suggest other activities in the community for their participants to experience. Esports represents a growing market, and a loyal one not unlike traditional sports. Organizers are looking for long-term relationships.


Our destination doesn’t have a venue large enough to host esports. Why should we pursue these events?

Your destination likely has many venues that can host in-person events. Like in traditional sports, there are professional events that do require large arenas. But the majority of esports events are staged in convention centers, conference centers, hotel ballrooms, theaters and other smaller venues that most destinations can accommodate. And esports event organizers are looking for help in siting their events.


I need more information about the esports-event industry. Where else can I access that?

At SportsTravel, we have produced a downloadable guide that can answer more questions and give you further insight into the industry and its events. Click here to download a copy.