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2024 Program

Raleigh Esports

  1. RCC Room 302BC

    This interactive forum, designed by The*gamehers, is a unique forum designed to create an inclusive and creative think tank among gaming enthusiasts. The session will spark thought-provoking questions on emerging technology, how gaming can be more inclusive and accessible to a diverse audience, and the role gaming can play in education and learning. Participants will come away with ways the gaming community can foster a more supportive environment for new creators, strategies to balance game monetization with player satisfaction and ways games can contribute to social and cultural awareness. Attendees will be encouraged to discuss their current projects, seek advice or offer their expertise to others.

  2. Event Organizer Networking Break
  3. RCC Room 302BC

    The best events are true partnerships between the event organizer and the destinations and venues hosting the event. In this session, learn some best practices on how to capitalize on those partnerships to make the best event possible, and how to turn your destination and venue partnerships into long-term relationships.

  4. RCC Room 302BC

    You may know how many people are attending or participating in your events, but do you know how to measure the true economic impact of your event? There are tools that destinations have to help make the case for your event’s impact – a case that may help as you move your event to different locations. In this session, learn the basics of one the most commonly used tools in the event industry, what aspects of your events are worth measuring and the role that incentives can play in planning your events.

  5. RCC Room 302BC

    Working with a convention and visitors bureau or sports commission on your events can be to your advantage. But what exactly do they do and how are they funded? In this session, learn the basics of the organizations in the travel industry that want to partner with your events and discover what they can do to enhance and help your events succeed.

  6. RCC Ballroom B

    Organizing an esports tournament in your city or venue requires a different discussion than organizing a tournament in traditional sports. But how do you know whether your venue is the right fit or what is required to host a successful in-person esports event? In this session, hear from experts in event production and come with your AV, staging and rigging questions to learn what you need to know.

  7. Destination/Supplier Networking Break
  8. RCC Ballroom B
    Whether you know it or not, your local college or university likely has some level of esports program, and possibly even a venue capable of hosting events. In this session, learn how you can engage with your local higher education institutions as they expand their esports offerings to students and potential visitors.
  9. RCC Ballroom A

    During this fast-paced reverse trade show, meet with esports event organizers to fill available slots on your appointment schedule or discuss other times to meet during the EsportsTravel Summit. The marketplace is designed for quick check-ins so make sure you are not depriving others of their time to meet with event organizers, who will be stationed at designated tables.

    The Event Organizer Reverse Marketplace is open only to event organizers, sponsors and suppliers with marketplace tables.

  10. RCC Ballroom B

    In our closing session, receive a warm welcome to Bloomington, Minnesota, host of the 2025 EsportsTravel Summit! And be on hand as we reveal even more future host cities of the Summit.

    After that, settle in for our final forward-looking discussion on the metaverse and travel. Consumers are spending record time with gaming metaverse environments. These virtual destinations are home to over 70 million daily players worldwide. Learn how major travel brands such as Carnival, Marriott and Hilton — among others — are using these environments to educate, attract and deliver new generations of customers through unique marketing tactics.

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  11. Breakfast
  12. Shuttles from the Opening Celebration will return to the Raleigh Convention Center starting at 8:00 p.m. and will continue on a loop until 9:30 p.m.
  13. Shuttles to the Opening Celebration will load and depart from the Raleigh Convention Center at 6:30 p.m. and will continue on a loop.
  14. RCC Ballroom B

    In this rapid-fire session, hear firsthand from several esports event organizers on events for which they are seeking hosts, what direction their organizations are taking in the immediate future and what their vision of in-person events looks like in the years to come. 

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  15. North Carolina State University

    Come in early to the EsportsTravel Summit and see firsthand what makes Raleigh such a dynamic esports destination. Attendees will be able to tour the esports program at North Carolina State University. Tours will depart the Raleigh Convention Center and will return in time for the Event Organizer Reverse Marketplace. 

    Space is limited and will require an RSVP through the registration system.


    ETS Off-Site 1            ETS Off-Site 2


  16. RCC Ballroom C
    The marketplace is open only to industry suppliers with marketplace tables and event organizers.
  17. RCC Ballroom B

    Several destinations have launched into esports by creating their own events or working with partners to bring creative events into their destinations. And they’ve done so by thinking in innovative fashion. In this session, hear directly from two areas — DuPage County, Illinois, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — to learn how their events were created and launched, how they have worked with event organizers and how their destination marketing organizations have enhanced the experience for attendees and participants.

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  19. Club 402, Raleigh Convention Center

    After an open evening to explore everything that Raleigh has to offer, continue your experience at the EsportsTravel Summit during our Late-Night Lounge. Network with your fellow attendees, meet people you haven't yet met and make the most of this open networking opportunity.

  20. Open Evening
    Enjoy the restaurants and nightlife of Raleigh on our open evening.
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  22. RCC Ballroom C
    The marketplace is open only to industry suppliers with marketplace tables and event organizers.
  23. Networking Break
  24. RCC Ballroom B

    North Carolina is the first state to offer incentives for esports events held in the state. While other states may seek to model the formula, there are lessons North Carolina has already learned about the process. Hear from one such state leader on what the process has been like and what results have been achieved to date.

  25. Networking Break
  26. RCC Ballroom B

    Raleigh is a hotbed for esports and that’s not by accident. Leaders in Raleigh have not only organized their community locally, they’ve helped mobilize a regional and statewide model that other areas will look to replicate. And they’ve done it while hosting in-person esports events of all shapes and sizes. In this session, hear from the key people involved in growing an esports strategy in the destination, lessons they’ve learned that could apply to your destination, and best practices from a recent collegiate esports event in the destination that underscores Raleigh’s esports strategy.

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  27. Networking Break
  28. RCC Ballroom C
    The marketplace is open only to industry suppliers with marketplace tables and event organizers.
  29. Networking Break
  30. RCC Ballroom B

    From the professional ranks to the grassroots, esports events are still evolving. Economic pressures have posed recent challenges for parts of the esports events industry but also provided new opportunities, as growth remains steady at the collegiate and amateur levels. In this opening discussion, hear from experts across the industry on how they view the in-person events landscape, the challenges and opportunities ahead for event organizers and destinations wanting to host events, and what the future holds for an industry that remains filled with potential.

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  31. RCC Ballroom B
    Kick off the EsportsTravel Summit with a welcome from Jason Gewirtz, the vice president of Northstar’s Sports Division, and dignitaries from Raleigh.
  32. Breakfast

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  33. Stop by the Registration Center to obtain your EsportsTravel Summit badge, which you will need for all on-site and off-site functions at the EsportsTravel Summit. 

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  34. The Pit Authentic Barbecue

    We’ll take the EsportsTravel Summit to the street at our Opening Celebration where you can experience some of the best food and entertainment that Raleigh has to offer. We’ll close off part of downtown’s Warehouse District where you can enjoy some of North Carolina’s legendary barbecue at a true institution, The Pit, which proudly continues the tradition with authentic whole-hog, pit-cooked barbecue. After that, stroll next door to the BoxCar Bar and Arcade where you can get in the true gaming spirit with some spirits and high-spirited competition. And when you’re done, head across the street to Videri Chocolate Factory, where some of the nation’s best hand-crafted, artisan chocolate is made on site. It will be an opening feast for the senses! 

    ETS Street Party

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  35. Stop by the Registration Center to obtain your EsportsTravel Summit badge, which you will need for all on-site and off-site functions at the EsportsTravel Summit. Please plan to collect your badge before the Opening Celebration.

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